Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Respect the Differences

Ruby – The color associated with love, passion, power; an extremely rare gemstone. For more information please see www.gemstone.org.

I have always been drawn to the color red. As an Aries, red is also the favorite color of the fire sign. So it was a no brainer when I held a contest on the site CollarMe several years ago. The person who came up with the most suitable name got a weekend with Me. A submissive proposed the name “Rubee Rooms” and the rest is history.

Much has happened within My walls where I work. I live and simply love life as it comes. Me and my vanilla, as well as my BDSM family are not exempt from the world’s everyday problems. But it is How we deal with them that makes all the difference. This also applies to how we interact with those in our everyday lives and BDSM ones.

Same Rules, Different Scenario – I was raised to respect the differences in us all. In saying that … Recently My koko and I were at an event. It was a nice evening after an early start to a very full day.

I am not a cookie cutter Mistress by any means. I see everyone in a different light. People can look/be the same, but to me that only indicates similarities, nothing more.

I love Cross Dressers of all shapes and sizes! Most are into the frilly, large petticoats we often see them in. Some dress in outfits from the thrift stores, while others from Neiman Marcus. I celebrate their differences and how they express themselves the way they see themselves.

My koko has taken her path to dress and transform herself at the pace we set. We have decided what is right for her…..Not everyone else’s, but her pace. This means she still has much body hair. If and when we choose it is to be removed. She is petite and tiny, and loves to wear clothes that flatter her image of herself.

During the event another Mistress made a point of expressing her displeasure with koko’s body hair. Now….koko belongs to Me! And I don’t have any problem with her appearance. But this Mistress obviously was bothered by the hair on My girl, and throughout the evening proceeded to voice this to others who shared what, in their opinion, was not a proper appearance for My girl.

Koko and I, however, had a wonderful evening!!!! Because We Respect the Differences and embrace the diversity. We can only hope that in time all others will be able to can live by that awesome concept!!

Please feel free to weigh in on this.